NowShip Affiliate Plus Pottstown Pennsylvania


NowShip's Certified Affiliate, L&J Transportation Companies Inc., founded 24 years ago carries on its mission to take care of their customers and making the most out of each customer interaction. We at NowShip like this statement and this means that any NowShip customer needing assistance in Pottstown and the near Philadelphia Metro Center will be well taken care of by the team of L&J Transportation. The team there is a strong North American Van Lines agent serving as the premier mover for Eastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware and Central and Southern New Jersey.

This NowShip Affiliate's mission is why they have been named Berks County's Top 50 Companies and have been listed in INC Magazines Top 5000.

Discover how NowShip's Affiliate L&J Transportation can provide you with the professional packing and storage services you may need. At NowShip we understand that our customers want to "do it themselves" but we also know sometimes we all need a bit of help too.

Moving out-of-state? Have a large international move? L&J Transportation is a proud agent for North American Van Lines offering interstate moving in throughout the USA.

Like NowShip,
L&J Transportation ships to all 50 U.S. states as well as internationally. While NowShip provides small moving and personal effects shipping with rates for international and domestic personal shipping online, this Affiliate Plus Location can provide shipping services for any size shipment as well as unique and precious items. When "do it yourself" needs some help, this family run NowShip Affiliate will provide great service.

Available to NowShip customers are short or long term storage services within L&J Transportation secured facilities.

We Can Provide NowShip Customers with the Following:

Yes, We Provide This Service

No, We Do Not Provide This Service

Packing Services


Packing Material Sales


Short Term Storage


Long Term Storage


Climate Controlled Storage



Local Pickup


Local Drop Off


Certified Weight Scale



Weight Master Certification



NowShip Customers Should Expect the Following Charges: Contact Affiliate for Rates Directly

Rate in $ USD

Rate to Pack 2 Cartons 120lbs / 54kgs

Rate to Pack 4 Cartons 240lbs / 109kgs

Rate to Pack 6 Cartons 360lbs / 163kgs

Rate to Pack 8 Cartons 480lbs / 218kgs

Rate to Pack 10 Cartons 600lbs / 272kgs

Rate to Pack 12 Cartons 720lbs / 327kgs

Rate to Pack 14 Cartons 840lbs / 381kgs

Rate to Pack 16 Cartons 960lbs / 436kgs

Local Pick Up Rate for Cartons

Local Drop Off Rate for Cartons

L&J Transportation Companies Inc. long list of services are excellent additions to NowShip's online catalog of personal effects shipping services.

NowShip Pottsville Pennsylvania Affiliate is located at 190 Yarnell Road, Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19465

Contact L&J Transportation Companies Inc

Point of Contact: Jim Fry
Telephone: 610-327-3100
Email: jfry@ljmoving.net
U.S. DOT 889135, P.A.PUCA109787, NC NCUC C-436356 AMSA Member,
L&J Transportation Companies Inc. is a North American Van Lines Agent