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NowShip's Certified Affiliate, Allen Moving is a long-established domestic as well as international moving company located in Dallas Texas and serves the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex with over 25 years of experience.

Allen Moving are the ideal family-owned moving company for all Dallas Apartment Movers, Dallas Residential Moving, and Office Movers Dallas. They take personal responsibility for helping you and your goods reach your destination on time, on budget, and intact.

Discover how Allen Moving, Inc. can save you time and money on your next Dallas Move.

Moving out-of-state? Allen Moving, Inc. is a proud agent for National Van Lines for interstate moving in Dallas. Let them guide you every step of the way with Allen Moving, Inc. your Long Distance Moving Company. Like NowShip, Allen Moving ships to all 50 U.S. states as well as internationally. While NowShip provides small moving and personal effects shipping, Allen Moving can provide services for any size shipment as well as unique and precious items.

Available to NowShip customers are short or long term storages Allen Moving, Inc.'s 17,000+ square
foot secured storage facility is a great solution for storage needs. Ask us how to get FREE storage
for qualified customers.

We Can Provide NowShip Customers with the Following:

Yes, We Provide This Service

No, We Do Not Provide This Service

Packing Services


Packing Material Sales


Short Term Storage


Long Term Storage


Climate Controlled Storage


Local Pickup


Local Drop Off


Certified Weight Scale


Weight Master Certification


NowShip Customers Should Expect the Following Charges:

Rate in $ USD

Rate to Pack 2 Cartons 120lbs / 54kgs


Rate to Pack 4 Cartons 240lbs / 109kgs


Rate to Pack 6 Cartons 360lbs / 163kgs


Rate to Pack 8 Cartons 480lbs / 218kgs


Rate to Pack 10 Cartons 600lbs / 272kgs


Rate to Pack 12 Cartons 720lbs / 327kgs


Rate to Pack 14 Cartons 840lbs / 381kgs


Rate to Pack 16 Cartons 960lbs / 436kgs


Local Pick Up Rate for Cartons

Local Drop Off Rate for Cartons

Allen Moving, Inc. has a long list of services that are excellent additions to NowShip's online catalog of personal effects shipping services.

NowShip Dallas Ft. Worth Texas is located within Allen Moving, Inc. at 12569 Perimeter Drive, Dallas, TX 75228

Contact Allen Moving, Inc.

Point of Contact: Tom Allen
Telephone: 214-536-7154

Email: tom@allenmovinginc.com
U.S. DOT 2119860, TXDMV 006560852C, AMSA Member
Allen Moving Inc. is a
National Van Lines Agent (DOT 76628)