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"NOWSHIP boxes are excellent and far better than the last company I used near Heathrow. The NOWSHIP UK service is an excellent value with good service & price."

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Containers delivered

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You pack

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We collect

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We deliver

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International Baggage Rates Online and International Removal Rates Online to Over 200 Countries EXPRESS BAGGAGE

Bundled Pricing 70% Discount!

Combines Shipping Cartons, Door to Door & Clearance

Flat screen tv shipping within the united kingdom or from the united kingdom to over 200 international destinations door to door LARGE TV SHIPPING TO DOOR
Market Rate £255.00
Our Price: £180.00

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The best way to ship your TV

Domestic Small Removals and International Personal Effects Box Shipping Services SMALL MOVE BOX SHIPPING
Our Price: £32.00

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Combines Shipping Boxes, Door to Door & Clearance


Small moves threshold door to door with our shipping boxes included